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How much credit card debt do you have?

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Consumer credit debt has been skyrocketing for years, and at the same time, people have grown accustomed to the conveniences of credit cards.  However, these conveniences have become an inconvenience when the bills come due.  Thus, we begin a viscous cycle which creates anxiety for many Americans. The question is what to do when the monthly credit card bill comes due? Too many people seem to be forfeiting paying their bills at the peril of diminishing their credit rating. ConsumerCreditDebt.org is here to help you improve your credit rating and solve your credit debt problems.

Your credit rating and credit score can be adversely affected for non-payment or late payment of credit bills.  Once your credit rating starts declining, it is difficult to remedy unless you maintain strict discipline over your finances and vigilance over any errors in your credit report.

In order to correct any details in your credit history, you would most likely contact one of the three major national credit reporting agencies. These are not government agencies but private corporations.

Credit reporting agencies gather information about your credit history from your creditors, public records, and other dependable sources. These agencies provide your credit history for credit checks to your current and prospective creditors and employers.

Also, these agencies sell your private information to creditors, insurers, landlords, and many other companies that in turn based on that information solicit you for credit, insurance, and other offers. In addition to getting paid for credit checks, selling your private information is another main source of revenue for credit reporting agencies.

Herein, credit agencies don’t make any money by credit repair and neither is that in their financial interest.  Consumer personal credit history is also sold to mailing lists and telemarketing companies. They often sell your information without your knowledge or permission.

The credit agencies admit that errors occur on their consumer credit reports but it is up to you to remain vigilant about the contents of your annual credit report.  Alas, the responsibility is on you to report any errors to them and seek corrections in your credit report; as they are under no lawful obligation to correct credit reports unless asked to do so by you.

ConsumerCreditDebt.org believes in working for you.  We want to help you reduce your credit card debt, improve your credit history and credit rating.  Also, with our established partnerships with trusted consumer credit counseling services and debt consolidation services, an improved credit score is within reach.

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