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Credit Debt
How much credit card debt do you have?

Settling Your Credit Card Debt

One of the most common financial dilemmas that millions of Americans are facing today is credit card debt. Individuals can accumulate debt on their credit cards due to several reasons. In some cases, they over-use their cards for frivolous expenditures. However, most individuals are also in debt as a result of falling on hard times. It’s no surprise that the current economic crisis has forced many individuals to live on credit in order to finance necessary expenses. However, regardless of the specific reasons for credit card debt, high interest rates, finance charges and other hidden fees all contribute to the overall outstanding amount. When individuals start to receive hassling debt collection phone calls, letters and notices, it’s safe to assume that their situation has escalated enough to warrant some immediate action.

Credit Card Debt Negotiations

If individuals want to stop being hassled by creditors and relieve some of the financial stresses that go along with being in debt, they may want to consider credit settlement options. Credit card debt consolidation settlement plans are one way for individuals to get some debt relief. One of the biggest mistakes that most debtors make is avoiding contact with their creditors. However, what debtors often fail to realize is that creditors are more willing to work with them if they are apprised of the situation.

Therefore, the first step that individuals should take on the road to credit settlement is calling credit card companies and explaining their financial status. Debtors can either choose to negotiate with their creditors on a one-on-one basis or sign up with various debt consolidation programs. Some of the credit settlement options that can be negotiated with creditors include the following:

  • Reduced interest rates
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Waived late fees
  • Adjusted service charges

Consolidation Loan

Many debtors prefer to consult with professional debt consolidation agencies when it comes to credit settlement. A credit card debt consolidation loan works by combining all of the individual’s debt into a single loan. What this does for a borrower is eliminates the need to make several high interest rate payments to multiple creditors every month. Instead, these payments are replaced by a single fixed rate monthly installment. Credit card debt consolidation loans not allow individuals to stay on top of their monthly payments, but they also enable them to manage their finances effectively and help to pay down the principal amount faster.

Debt Settlement Companies

The process of credit settlement can be achieved by debtors and creditors, however many experts would recommend professional intervention. This is because debt settlement companies are skilled and experienced when it comes to the art of negotiation. There are several reputable credit card debt consolidation settlement companies that individuals can choose to work with. However, it’s best to involve their assistance prior to being turned over to collection agencies. Once this action occurs, debt collectors can become relentless in their pursuit for the funds owed to credit card companies. Therefore, debt relief help should be sought by individuals before any legal action becomes necessary on the part of creditors.

Debtors can also do some preliminary research in order to find legitimate credit settlement and debt consolidation companies. In fact, the Better Business Bureau is one of the best online sources to visit for confirmation on trustworthy companies that help individuals achieve debt relief.

Drowning in credit card debt is no longer an acceptable option for the countless Americans who are in financial trouble across our nation. If individuals are ready to stop being hassled by collection agencies and wish to avoid filing for bankruptcy as a last resort, then credit card debt consolidation settlement could be the perfect solution to their financial crisis.

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